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Drugs and Violence

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We grow up thinking nothing bad will ever happen to us, and then we get older and realize how naïve we truly were. I was that person, I felt the world was all happy and beautiful, but my ex-boyfriend shattered that image and broke me. He left scars the size of the Grand Canyon on my heart and brutal scars on my body.

Facades Break Eventually

We met when we were teenagers, and fell instantly in love. Life was blissful, we were inseparable, and our parents loved us being together. We did everything together in school and moved in together when we went to college. College is where the façade began to crack, and reality set in. I wish I could say I saw it all then, but love indeed is blind, and I chose to ignore it.

What Started it All

There’s a first time for everything I guess. The first time he hurt me, happened after I found out I was pregnant. I was shocked at first, but then excitement kicked in because I was so in love with this man and having a child with him was a blessing. I waited for him to get home, as I didn’t have any classes that day. I made his favorite meal and made sure everything was perfect.

He didn’t come home that night, nor did he come back for the next several nights. I was heartbroken, thinking he was out cheating on me while I was home pregnant with his child. He finally came back after five days, and he reeked of alcohol, body odor and wearing the same clothes as when I last saw him. His eyes looked off, and I couldn’t figure out why. Relief quickly washed over me, and I ran to hug him. He hugged me back and began to walk around our apartment. I stopped him and asked where he had been. He became angry and stormed off. I heard the shower come on.

Drugs and Violence

A few minutes later, I heard him screaming my name, and I went running into the bathroom. He was holding my pregnancy test and looked angry. I tried to diffuse his anger and told him that I was pregnant. He lunged at me and began to hit me everywhere he could until I was bleeding and begging for him to stop. He did and looked at me with such hate then left.

Looking Back

It took me a while to leave him after that, even when I lost the baby after he had beaten me so severely that my body couldn’t handle it. He was nice for a while after that, then he would leave, and it would start again.

I found out he was using heroin and drinking a lot. He failed all of his classes and began stealing money from our friends and me.  It took a good friend of mine driving to our apartment and helping me get my things and leave when he was gone. I hope he got help, but my life is better without him. Drugs ruined the love of my life and left scars on me for life.